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11th Cyber & SCADA Security in Energy Sector Conference 2024

    28 - 29 October 2024 | Amsterdam

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    Embark on a transformative journey with the 11th Cyber & SCADA Security in Energy Sector Conference 2024, presented by Prospero Events Group. This conference represents the pinnacle of Energy Sector Security Excellence, offering an immersive exploration into safeguarding critical infrastructure against evolving cyber threats.In an era where digital technologies seamlessly integrate into power and utility systems, ensuring robust cybersecurity measures is not just important but imperative. Our summit is meticulously crafted to empower cybersecurity professionals, SCADA engineers, and utility executives, providing them with the essential knowledge and tools to successfully navigate these evolving challenges.Join us for an insightful exploration of the latest trends, challenges, and best practices in safeguarding critical infrastructure from cyber threats. The increasing integration of digital technologies in power and utility systems amplifies the urgency to establish and maintain robust cybersecurity measures.Our Cyber & SCADA Security Conference features distinguished expert speakers, engaging workshops, and ample networking opportunities, ensuring you stay ahead of emerging threats and effectively protect your organization's assets. Whether you're a seasoned cybersecurity professional, a skilled SCADA engineer, or a strategic utility executive, this event is a must-attend for those actively involved in securing power and utility operations.Don't miss out on this invaluable opportunity to enhance your knowledge and connect with industry peers. Register now to secure your spot at the forefront of cyber and SCADA security in the power and utilities sector. Be part of the community actively shaping the future of cybersecurity for critical infrastructure.


    NH Amsterdam Zuid
    Van Leijenberghlaan 221
    1082 GG Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Website: Information:
    To book your accommodation at NH Amsterdam Zuid for the event, please contact the hotel's reservation department:
    Phone:BE: 0032 22734179
    When booking, please mention the term PROSPERO to ensure you receive the appropriate rates and accommodations for the event.

    Why Attend Prospero Events?


    We make sure that you are in good company. Prospero conferences provide a platform for energy industry experts and decision-makers to discuss common challenges, share best practices, and network.


    We promise the most prolonged average duration of direct peer-to-peer networking (at least 10 minutes per participant within two days of an in-person event) with the most senior and relevant professionals about specific energy-themed topics.


    Since 2013, we have been specializing in producing conferences in the energy sector. Our in-depth knowledge of the industry helps us create tailor-made conferences on the latest and the most pressing developments.


    Europe is at the forefront of advancements and revolutions in the clean energy transition. We aim to provide a platform for European decision-makers in the energy industry to benchmark best-practices with their peers.

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    Damien Ploix
    Driving Cybersecurity
    Service Manager,
    Enedis, France

    Mariano Bucco
    Senior Manager
    Tenaris, USA

    Clifton Montgomery
    Lead Cyber Security
    Architect and Engineer
    Honeywell, USA

    Teramachi Taiyou Thomas
    Cyber Security Consultant
    E.ON, Germany

    Matt Leipnik
    Lead Industrial Cybersecurity
    Specialist (Europe & CIS),
    GE, UK

    Marta Majtenyi
    Director of Cyber Security Services,
    IT Governance, Risk, Compliance,
    Norsk Hydro, Hungary

    Dr. Ymir Vigfusson
    CTO & Co-Founder

    Kenneth Titlestad
    Director - OT Cybersecurity,
    Sopra Steria,

    Mucahit Ceri
    Cyber Security
    Senior Consultant,
    Deloitte, Turkey

    Qusai AlRabei
    Senior OT Cybersecurity
    Leader Global, Schneider Electric,

    Bas Kruimer
    Business Director Digital Systems & Grid Operations
    DNV, Netherlands

    Sharon Caro
    Marketing Executive,
    Salvador Technologies,

    Prateek Arora
    Sr. Expert,
    Engie Laborelec, UAE

    Dr. Jesus Molina
    Director of Industrial IoT
    Waterfall Security Solutions Ltd,

    Ryan Davidson
    Principal Engineer for Cyber Security and Digital Grid Operations,
    DNV, Germany

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    • Full access to the entire portfolio of energy-themed in-person and virtual conferences for the next 365 days



    • Access to the 2-day conference in-person at the venue.

    • A dedicated speaking session to present your topic of expertise.

    • Access to all event sessions, panels, and networking opportunities with other esteemed speakers and attendees.

    • Post-conference Documentation Package


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